We are an independent Research and Consultancy company headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. We also have a working office in Juba, South Sudan, satellite operations in Kampala, Uganda and Dar-es salaam, Tanzania and work in collaboration with committed agencies of integrity in over 20 other countries in Africa.

We offer tailor made, high quality, practical solutions to Businesses, NGO’s, Governments, Development and Donor funded programs and other institutions in Africa.

We are experienced in conducting Market, Social and Trade research with an aim of helping our clients to achieve competitive advantage within their markets or to provide solid basis for social and scientific work. We provide inclusive approach whereby we develop custom and tailor made solutions for each client individually while maintaining professionalism, confidentiality and expertise in our client relationships.

We employ both qualitative (Focus groups discussions and In-depth interviews) and quantitative (Face to face and Telephone interviews), Online surveys and Ethnographic studies as appropriate to deliver the highest quality data for our clients. We also carry out data acquisition, data conversion and processing for those clients aiming for their own analyses.

We have vast experience in analyzing and interpreting the findings of the data that we generate, adding value to it via observations and suggestions thus improving the ability of our clients to make concrete decisions.

We engage qualified and experienced consultants in our programs to bring about the best achievements hence going beyond our clients’ expectations. Some of our consultancy services includes Programs design, Monitoring and Evaluation, Training and Capacity Development amongst others.

In Afri-Trends, we take time into understanding business, our ideas are never cast in stone as we continuously develop them so as to have firm insights on the right way to design and construct a service.

Our Vision

‘In research, opportunity only favors those with open but organized minds’

We aspire to be the leading practical and solution based research and consultancy firm within the African continent providing both local and multinational clients with an understanding of the African trends in market, social and developmental fields.

Our Commitment

We adhere to all international market and social research standards and codes of ethics.

In addition, we have an in-house quality assurance protocol that is strictly adhered to in all projects.

We ensure 100% supervision during data collection in all of our projects including totally involving our experienced Field managers from training to the completion of field work in all projects that we subcontract to our partners in other regions of the continent.

Our Technology

Afri-Trends offers both offline and online data collection via Samsung Galaxy Tablet Computers and smart phones.

We use formhub to design our survey instruments which we then upload into ODK applications in either mobile phones or the tablet computers. We have several advantages for using this technology which includes:-

  • Improved delivery: - The control functions that are built into the survey platform ensure that common mistakes such as skipped questions, incorrectly applied skip patterns and improper coding are avoided where possible.
  • Improved supervision: - The ability to track field teams and monitor progress instantaneously with the aid of GPS mapping.
  • Data entry: - The time taken is dramatically reduced with a great deal of human and technological error removed. This eliminates the need for manual data entry.
  • Instant data delivery: - The ability to deliver instant data upon completion of a survey questionnaire.

Tablet Computers


Mobile Phone